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Polo: III Richard Mille Desert Polo AlUla 2024 - Finalists 'Richard Mille' vs 'Saudia' - Team 'Saudia' with Adolfo Cambiaso winner of this ICONIC III edition !

Published by NAANII GLOBAL+ la Dolfina + Saudi press com Teams in A-List POLO Lifestyle Tournaments/Torneos · 23/1/2024 14:20:55
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* Winner 2024 : Team 'Saudia'
(Adolfo Cambiaso, Sayyu Dantata and Melissa Ganzi)

* The prestigious Desert Polo trophy presented to them by
Abeer Al Akel, Acting CEO, Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU), and Amr Zidan, Chairman, Saudi Polo Federation (SPF).

* Finalist: Team 'Richard Mille'  vs. Team 'Saudia'  5/9

* Subfinal winner: 'AlUla'  third place with a 5-3 win against 'Tayma'.

* III Richard Mille Alula 2024 Polo Championship AWARDS:
- Dantana (Men’s Best Player),
- Melissa Ganzi (Women’s Best Player)
- Adolfo Cambiaso (Top Scorer)
- Pablo Mac Donough (Best Goal)
- HRH Prince Hamza bin Abbas (Most Promising Player)
- Johanna Hanbury (Sportsmanship)

* 8 Top mixed Teams

* World's Best Polo Player

* Global Royals + Adel playing the prestigious
III Richard Mille AlUla Desert Polo Championship 2024

* Top Hospitality and Sponsors

* World's only Desert Polo Tournament

* Iconic World Heritage Location AlUla, Saudi Arabia

* Strong audience attendance, local community’s,
as equestrian sports dating back thousands of years

* The Interest in the Polo sport is as high as ever in Saudi Arabia

“It was amazing out there – a really fun game to be involved in,” Adolfo Cambiaso said following Saudia’s first win. “The horses are in excellent condition and the field has never been better – the Royal Commission for AlUla has done a really great job,” continued the athlete, who has made three consecutive appearances in AlUla. “There’s even more improvements since last time,” he explained, pointing out how the number of teams has doubled since the last tournament, further solidifying Saudi Arabia’s commitment to positioning itself as a top polo hub. copyright  @milleworld.com

8 World-Class  TEAMS:
Saudia: Adolfo Cambiaso, Sayyu Dantata, Melissa Ganzi / HRH Prince Sultan bin Khaled Al Faisal
Richard Mille: Pablo Mac Donough, David Paradice, Johanna Hanbury.
AlUla: Poroto Cambiaso, Nicky Sen, HRH Prince Salman bin Mansoor bin Nassir
Tayma: Lia Salvo, George Spencer Churchill, HRH Prince Abbas bin Ali.
Sab: David Stirling, Alessandro Barnaba, HRH Prince Sultan bin Khaled Al Faisal / Melissa Ganzi
Dadan: Mia Cambiaso, Ignacio  Figueras, HSH Eugen Oettingen Wallerstein
Bentley: Juan Martín Nero, Adriano Agosti, Lila Pearson.
Khaybar: Nina Clarkin, HSH Carl-Eugen Oettingen Wallerstein, HRH Prince Hamza bin Abbas.

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