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Sustainable architecture- green deal - innovation: Madrid is building a - Green Wind Garden- to cool down the city up to 4 degree in average 34 degree summertimes

Published by NAANII GLOBAL + World Economic Forum in Architecture, Real Estate, Design · 23/9/2022 12:24:29
Tags: InnovationMadrid;ConstructionNEWWindGarden;CoolDownCity;Energy;GreenEconomyWorldEconomicForum2022



Nature Matters, cross the globe  intelligent energy management solutions are implemented, for example  - combating heat in summer - , so in Spains beautiful Capial:  

Madrid is building a new  ¨Wind Garden¨.

In recent summers, temperatures in Madrid have climbed as high as 40°C, average temperature is 34 degree. The city's latest park, inspired by ancient Middle Eastern wind towers, aims to change that.Madrid's ‘Wind Garden’ Will Cool City By 4 Degrees.

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Architecture - Design - Wellness: Top Quality Winter Escapes, Chalets with Hot Tubes 2021 / 22

Published by NAANII GLOBAL in Architecture, Real Estate, Design · 26/10/2021 18:25:27
Tags: LuxuryWinterEscapes;HotTubes;Chalets;Luxury2021/22

Real Estate & DESIGN : Arquitectura biónica , una forma más sostenible de habitar y construir en sintonía con la vida en su naturaleza ecológica.

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