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Information Company
-- NAANII GLOBAL s.l.n.e. (GmbH) --,

global diversified company, intelligent growth *
since 2010 and  synergy effects through
connected business lines

A. NG Media Productions and Publishing Company / Editorial / Medienunternehmen      


A 1.: Digital Quality / Luxury Family Lifestyle Magazin 'en Vogue' & Advertising

21 IN 1 (21 specialized Magazines  in 1)
Polo, Equestrian, Gourmet, Cruise - Blue Economy, Nature Matters, Sailing, FIA Formula1, FIA Formula ePRIX,
Travel Deluxe, Design, Fashion, Arts, Film/Movies, Golf, Business/Tech/Innovation, Real Estate, Snow, Wellness

A. 2  NG tv / film Productions and Broadcasting
 - Deluxe COOL Lifestyle - 'enVogue' -
*registered at Registro  Audiovisual / Cinematográfico Español
(Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte)

A. 3 Naanii Global fotoARTs

International Management Consultant / Coaching

C. Innovation & TECH  research -the future Internet-

D. NaaniiGlobal Designs/gifts & Event / Online Boutiques

NEW Preview / Pre-sales ONLINE (Sailing, 37th AC BCN, Polo, Showjumping, Gourmet, F1, Arts, Football, Tennis, Glamping, Vintage, USA, DE, FR, ES, IT, SW,  UK, UAE, IND, SN, JP ) !  

NG design productions (industrial) - Fashion, Furniture, Accessoires

(G. Naanii Family Charity, inactive)

H. digital art productions and sales, NFTs

NG participate
we will grow / reinvest the received amount in your preferred / sellected  business line



FidelityCoin AAAG, the NaaniiGlobal Blockchain Token, official Exchange Value 03.2024 1 AAAG = 325 USD (USDT)


*2010 -> 2017 -> 2021 -> 2022 => 2023 => 2024 ============> 2033

Evolución Ventas  Naanii Global s.l.n.e. (GmbH)  pre and post PANDEMIA
- resilencia - reconstrucción - diversificación - internacionalización
(2018 - 02.2024)


2024, e-informa pndt*
2022, D&B.e-informa
ranking 14/20
6 mio € crédito

2020 D&B.e-informa
ranking 15/20
6 mio € crédito   

2018 D&B, e-informa
ranking 12/20

20.04.2017, e-informa
23.10.2013, e-informa
17.08.2012, e-informa



MEDIAdata 2024 HERE


Naanii Global    


since 2010 company creation

Renewed and continued Media Partnership  with German's DPV / Baltic Polo (since 2014)  'Deutsche Polo Jugendmeisterschaft' 21.-23.6. Berlin 2024

Renewed and continued Media Agreement  with ICONIC Guards Polo Club, Windsor, UK season 2024 (incl. CARTIER Queen's Cup etc.)

Renewed Media Partnership (since 2018) between ICONIC Real Federación Española de Polo  and  Naanii Global's NG POLO Magazine + Tv 'enVogue'

NEW Preview / Pre sales  (USA, DE, FR, ES, UK) Naanii Global's online NG Boutique 'enVogue' .
Official Re-OPENING May 2024 all markets (Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia)

Sailing: Continued Media Cooperation between the 37th America's Cup Barcelona 2023 / 2024  and Naanii Global's NG 37th AC Magazine + Tv 'enVogue'
-> 37th Louis Vuitton America's Cup 2024, BCN - 6 Teams
-> 1. PUIG Women's America's Cup 2024, BCN - 12 Teams
-> Youth America's Cup  2024, BCN - 12 Teams

Pour nos clients et amis francais - additional FRENCH domain active:
NAANII GLOBAL Magazin 'enVogue'

* NAANII GLOBAL s.l.n.e. (GmbH) sigue en Expansion y fonciona  y factura como siempre, a pesar de que 'La hoja registral del Registro Mercantil Madrid ís temporarily 'closed' since 12.2023 (due to delays at Registro Mercantil Madrid)'.  
eInforma might publish correct current UPDATED  2023/24 report with correct  Naanii Global sales and correct Naanii Global activities/businesslines  and other data, as soon as data is public.


NG sales results up to 5 mio €.
NG team (extern / intern) 12 HR
NG reach up to 180 countries, 4 languages (german/spanish/french/english)

Naanii Global introduces  improved NEW cover of the ICONIC NG Magazine 'enVogue'

NG tech - Blockchain/ Fidelity Token  nAAAGlobal (AAAG)  increases Value up to 324 USD (USDT) / AAAG  at  official Public Exchange


World s BEST and most exclusive Sailing EVENT : Naanii Global MEDIA official accreditated Media at Jeddah, Saudi Arabian II. Pre Regatta ICONIC America's Cup 2023 / 2024.

Naanii Global prepares Re-Opening of amazing NAANII GLOBAL world's  Online Boutique 'enVogue'

Naanii Global increases Business in France and cross the Globe - attending as official Media via MediaBoat / on board of Yachts / at the Event village  (NGsail TV I NGsailing fotoARTs I NG sail Magazine 'enVogue') the 25th édition of ICONIC  'Les Voiles de Saint - Tropez 2023' / 12th Centenary Trophy Gstaad Yacht Club'  - with world's most beautiful  250 Yachts sailing regattas during 10 days - Maxi Yachts - Classic Yachts - Modern Yachts - and aprox 2.500 sailor / crews.

- US 50 SPARTAN - famous Swan, US PRIDE - THEA - Monaco's TUIGA 1909 -
- ICONIC Bruno Troublé's P-4, OLYMPIADE - MAXI Yachts I.M.A. - etc. ICONIC Gstaad Yacht Club s Century Trophy etc.


POLO: Naanii Global  supports the VERY interesting 'low season'  High and Medium goal Tournaments in England s ICONIC Guards Polo Club - supporting a Charity Ladies 'Clé de Peau Beauté' tournament, the end of season celebrations and the nombration of guards Polo Club new Chairman.

Sailing, 37th AC Barcelona - first Pre-Regatta September in SPAIN, Vilanova close to Barcelona. Naanii Gobal as official accreditated MEDIA supports the Event / Teams / Organisation


UK, Naanii Global intensifies Business in the UK - London area.
(Tennis Wimbledon / Polo Guards Polo Club / Polo Grand Slam Cowdray / Gourmet / NGtv - Film  / NG Consulting)

Polo: Naanii Global - as official accreditated MEDIA supports Windsor's ICONIC Guards Polo Club  (NGpoloTV I NG polo fotoARTs I NG polo Magazine) - cross High Goal Tournaments, such as
- Cartier Queen's Cup;
- Outsourcing Inc. Royal Windsor Cup
- Royal Charity Tournament
- Duke of Wellington Trophy
- Duke of Corwall Trophy
- Kings Coronation Cup - established 1911 -
- Ladies Charity Tournamnt 'Clé de Peau Beauté'
- Polo Grand Slam, Cowdray Gold Cup - British Open
- Ladies British Open - Cowdray -
- etc.


Naanii Global  intensifies NGdesign and fashion TV; NGkick s off NGmusic section with 2023 Grammy Awards.

NG Management Consultancy:  Research and recommendations how to face  increasing Global Cybersecurity / SCAM /  Compliance / Blockchain Crypto Crimes.

Sailing: Worlds Oldest Sports Trophy, 37th Americas Cup 2024 Spain, BCN;
Naanii Global is proud to have a  Media collaboration agreed with the Americas Cup TEAM, following announcement of the New FRENCH Team ¨Orient Express¨ based at french Saint Tropez Yacht Club.

NGfilm: NG recommended Films VERY successful in FILM Awards 2023.
- Bansheer of Inisherin: 9 Golden Globe Nominations, 8 Golden Globe Awards; 8 Oscar Nominations.
- Triangle of Sadness: Palm d `Or Cannes; European Film Awards; 3 Golden Globe nominations; 3 Oscar Nominations
- Argentina 1985: Golden Globe Award; Oscar Nominated
- El Cuarto pasajero: Candidato a Premios Goya; Nominado Premios Feroz, etc.


XII FIP Polo WorldChampionship 2022, Wellington, USA

Consultancy NG: Proyectos Reconstruccion España, Fondos Next Generation EU:
soluciones/proyectos : PERTE NAVAL, PERTE coche Electrico, I+D, Turismo, Èspaña I+D+I reseach Projects

30. Film Festival Hamburg, Red Carpet NGtv Productions, Interviews + Business talks
Triple Corona Argentina de POLO 2022

Focus Blue Economy Solutions, 30. SMM Hamburg - Leading the Maritime Transformation - Race to 0 emissions

NGtv/film + NG Magazine :
Germany / Sylt / Hamburg / Berlin:
Berenberg Polo German Masters,  Sylt ART Fair - Kreativ Talk:  VW E-Bulli  IKONE + GeuerGeuer Artist

Sotogrande, SPAIN:
Torneo Internacional de POLO


Kick-off Naanii Global  NGtennis Magazine + NGtv, @ATP500 +  @WTA 250 , GrandSlam Feeling am Rothenbaum: Hamburg European Open 2022.
Entrevista / Fotos / ShortFilms  : Worldranking n' 4  ES Carlos Alcaraz ;  US Lady  Bernarda Pera;  Worldranking N'2  Lady Kontaveit, etc.


Kick-off   Naanii Global, first  TikTok Videos published

Kick-off POLO Germany, Julius Baer Beach Polo WorldCup SYLT, 2022
NGpolo, NGpolo TV, NG PoloLounge

Interview: Winner  team Julius Baer
Interview: Business talks:  Mr. Schmidt, Owner Schmidt GmbH group ¨ Brand POLO-SYLT¨ etc.; Christopher Winter
POLO streeming + TV: ShortFilms: Finals, Matchball

Kick-off POLO tv+ ShortFilms Sotogrande High Goal, Flashbacks GrandSlam 2021, Gold Cup, First Match First Goal:  Mdr vs. BP Polo

Nuevas oficinas, New Offices = MADRID = P de la Castellana, 40, 28046 MADRID, España

Kick- off Naanii Global ARTs TV @ARCOmadrid 2022

Entrevista : Galeria Leandro Navarro, Madrid  -  Obras destacadas : Joan Miro aprox 2,5 mio€ , Chagall, etc.
Entrevista : Galeria Mayoral, Barcelona

Entrevista Iñigo Navarro

Entrevista Jordi Mayoral

Update, E-Informa Financial Company data 2022/2021/2020 NaaniiGlobal slne (GmbH): HERE

New digtial WEB presence

Naanii Global new  presence  @ Video Platform TikTok   @naaniiglobal-enVogue

Naanii Global s.l. (GmbH) opens NEW offices at ICONIC location 'Unter den Linden' - 10117 BERLIN - Mitte



Naanii Global, appointed new MediaPartner XIII FIP European Polo Championship Spain (Sotogrande), NGpolo Magazine - NGtv - NGfotoARTs event pictures

Naanii Global, launches   NEW   Business Line, the NG tv !  Kick 'off @ Sotogrande, 50th Anniversary  International Polo Tournament 2021

Naanii Global, appointed new MediaPartner  CDI3* Doma Clásica S.M. Copa del Rey, Madrid, Club de Campo Villa de Madrid,   21.-24.10.2021 - NG equestrian Magazine - NGtv - NGfotoARTs - NG Boutique, designs & gifts

05.02.2021 /  23.4.2021:
Informe Financiero actualizado,  NaaniiGlobal s.l.  e-Informa
D&B, e-informa external  reports and analisis, various data  about NAANII GLOBAL s.l.
*ranking positivo MEJORADO  15/20, volumen credito pos. 6mio€
*riesgo comercial BAJADO  medio-bajo
*resultados y evolución 2018-2019-2020
*sin impagados

*Cripto nAAAGlobal (AAAG) incrementando valor, 24.4.2021:  1 AAAG = 84 US$
*Exchange pairs, Intercambio disponible en €, US$, GBPN, Yuan, Yen, BRZ, UAH, Btc, Ltc, XMR, RUB, etc.


Expansión internacional Naanii Global, New Openings 01.2021

Informe Financiero actualizado,  NaaniiGlobal s.l.  e-Informa
D&B, e-informa external  reports and analisis, various data  about NAANII GLOBAL s.l.
*ranking positivo MEJORADO  15/20, volumen credito pos. 6mio€
*riesgo comercial BAJADO  medio-bajo
*resultados y evolución 2018-2019-2020
*sin impagados
*Cripto nAAAGlobal (AAAG) incrementando valor, 4.12.2020:  1 AAAG = 28,14 US$;  31.12.2020: 1 AAAG = 24,9 US$
*Exchange pairs, Intercambio disponible en €, US$, GBPN, Yuan, Yen, BRZ, UAH, Btc, Ltc, XMR, RUB, etc.

Informe Financiero actualizado,  NaaniiGlobal s.l.  e-Informa
D&B, e-informa external reports and analisis, various data  about NAANII GLOBAL s.l.
*resultados y evolución 2018-2019-2020
*riesgo comercial medio-bajo
*ranking positivo 12/20, volumen credito pos. 6mio€
*sin impagados

Mediadata and Impact NaaniiGlobal publications:  
Example impact Social Media Publications - NaaniiGlobal Facebook   06.2020: (content: Polo, Showjumping, Sailing, Gourmet, F1, Education online Universities (Harvard IE etc.)

Naanii Global veroeffentlicht die neue Deutsche NAANIIGLOBAL Magazin en Vogue  WebSite, ; new german Naanii Global domain  https

COVID-19 alert globally -  and shutdown:  The International digital Naanii Global Quality Family Lifestyle - Magazin ´en Vogue´  and related service Lines  of  companies KJA- NG and Naanii Global s.l.n.e. are 100% operative and available for clientes / friends / fans,  offering support - solutions - worldwide  digital publications  / VideoConferences & Meetings  / Tel Calls.

1.3.2020: new presence NAANII GLOBAL in South Spain / Andalucia -

* 8 years of   successful collaboration:  FIA F 1 Worldchampionship and NaaniiGlobal Motorsport & QualityFamily Lifestyle -Magazin ´en Vogue´ agree to continue Media collaboration  next years

*Wikipedia, company NaaniiGlobal / K. Johanna Altmann
* 2020 Services and Pricelist NaaniiGlobal s.l. Madrid - Berlin - New York


*new agreement NaaniiGlobal Motorsport Magazin ´enVogue´ & FIA Formula e Global Championship season 2019/2020  and Worldchampionship 2020//2021

2 2019:
D&B, e-informa reports and analisis, and various data  about NAANII GLOBAL s.l.

15.3.2019 :
*audience digital Magazin en Vogue:average 7,5 mio Page Impressions / month, cross platforms publications (data source: Facebook and cross platforms)
*strategic alliances: RFEP (Real Federacion Española de Polo); FIP World  and European Polo Championships; F1 since 2012 dedicated Press; Tourism various; Golf various;  Showjumping various; Gourmet various; Arts various; etc.

22.2.2018 :  
Official external E-Informa Company Analyse
* riesgo comercial medio/bajo;
* ranking 12/20
* Trayectoria empresarial muy positiva: 78/100;
* Endeudamiento mínimo;
* Situación financiera de la compañía es buena', 'La evolución de resultados ha sido positiva', etc.

Official external E-Informa Company Analyse

Official external E-Informa Company Analyse

Official external E-Informa Company Analyse

Internacionalización / International and national expansion

2021: Expansión UK, Suiza, Singapore, Tokyo, Miami

9/10.2020: Expansión del negocio a Francia, EUROPA
Apertura de una oficina en Francia

3.2020: Expansión del negocio a ANDALUCÍA, España, EUROPA
Apertura de una oficina en Andalucia, ESPAÑA (zona menos afectada por el COVID-19, España)

2019: Expansión del negocio a EEUU (USA)
Apertura de una oficina en NewYork, EEUU

Apertura del negocio en HAMBURGO, Alemania, EUROPA

01.2013: Expansión del negocio a Alemania, EUROPA
Apertura del Start-up NaaniiGlobal ALEMANIA, Sucursal BERLIN, Alemania (Niederlassung Berlin, Deutschland - Naanii Global s.l. (GmbH)
01.2010: Fundación del Start-Up NaaniiGlobal s.l.n.e., MADRID España, EUROPA


DETAILS  MEDIADATA   /   MEDIA Value NaaniiGlobal slne 2024

* Advertising  * Event PR visibility packages  * Consulting  ¨ NG tv   etc.


old cover example - date 2.2022:


WIKIPEDIA references,
Naanii Global Magazin articles and content
Polo, Arts, Sailing, Travel Saint Barth, Kids Club, Lifestyle Magazin, Sailing, Saint Barth 'Les Voiles de St. Barth', etc.

- Wikipedia english:
Polo World Championship Sydney; St Moritz Snowpolo WorldCup, Golf Olympia Rio 2016, F1, Arts - Frieze London - Art Basel - ARCOMadrid - , Sailing Regattas, Travel, Gourmet, Quality Lifestyle, Kids Club, Grid Kids, Football worldcup 2018; Digital Magazine; Spanish Press; German Press; etc.

- Wikipedia francais:
Arts, Art Basel Hong Kong, etc.

- Wikipedia español:
F1 GP México; Polo World Tour Sotogrande, España; Arte Contemporáneo Japones; Golf; Gourmet restaurantes Michelin España; Torneos de Polo Madrid, Semana del Arte Madrid, ARCO Madrid, Premios Cine español 2018, etc.

- Wikipedia deutsch:
Lebensstil; Reisen; Snowpolo Worldcup St. Moritz 2014-2018; Internationaler Beachpolo Cup Ostsee; W20 Gipfel Berlin 2017; etc.

NAANII GLOBAL publications through our  LINKEDIN communication channel  
Arts, Nature Matters, Blue Economy, Luxury Travel, Cruize, Design, F1, Golf, Polo, Kids Clubs, Gourmet, Travel, Business and Tech, etc.

NAANII GLOBAL publications through our INSTAGRAM communication channel
Arts, F1, Golf, Polo, Showjumping, Kids Club ARCOkids, Gourmet, Travel, Business and Tech, etc.

NAANII GLOBAL publications through our TWITTER communication channel
Arts, F1, Golf, Polo, Showjumping, Kids Club ARCOkids, Gourmet, Travel, Business and Tech, etc.

NAANII GLOBAL publications through our LINKEDIN NG Magazine communications channel

NAANII GLOBAL publications through our TikTOK communications channel

NG film Productions:
NAANII GLOBAL publications through our YouTube NGtv, COOL Lifestyle TV/Film and social media

example engagement NGfilm Productions - published at  NG TWITTER
15232 views /film

example engagemet NGfilm Productions published at NG INSTAGRAM
35000 views/film

example engagement NG film Productions published at NG Youtube
25.000 views/film

example engagement NG film Productions published at NG TikTok
150.000 views/film

example engagement & impact  Magazine at FACEBOOK, Naanii Global publications (6.1.2024)

example engagement & impact FACEBOOK, Naanii Global publications (08.2019)


example FACEBOOK, Naanii Global publications (27.8.2020) (high season)

example FACEBOOK, Naanii Global publications (27.5.2018)

FACEBOOK, Naanii Global publications since 03.2018:
Due to recent Facebook's major data security issues and global investigations, NAANII GLOBAL decided - a temporary  different publication strategy with less focus on our facebook readership,
--> less NAANII GLOBAL publications at Facebook official NAANII GLOBAL page - until further notice.

example FACEBOOK, Naanii Global publications (26.2.2018)

example FACEBOOK (19.2.2018)

(see also Mediadata 2022 / 2023  NAANII GLOBAL  digital Magazin 'en Vogue'- : - Top Digital Influencer, Klout 70+ - global followers in 184 countries, engagement and impact of publications, quality & quantity readership etc.)

Digital audit: KLOUT: Naanii Global Klout score 70+, 'Top Digital Influencer'


B)       NAANII GLOBAL International Management Consultancy


España, Alemania, Francia, Suiza, Europa, Japón, Filipinas, Australia, America Latina, EEUU, Segmento Premium, UHNWI, HNWI, Quality-time, Polo, Saltos/Hípica, Motorsport/F1, Vela/Sailing, Arte,DeluxeTravel&Hoteles,   KidsClubs - Mini Clubs, Gourmet&Vino, Automotive, Real Estate- Inmobiliario, Golf,  Temas legales & Contratos,  Companias aereas - Airlines, Digital &  Influencer   Marketing, Publishing & Prensa,Textil Industry - Fashion - Moda; Design - diseño, Global Premium Network; Internacionalización

Business Development & Strategy  (Internacional  / Nacional)
  Project Management, Process Management , Key Account Management      
  Interims Management , Brand Management, Strategic Alliances
  Marketing &  Sales, Event / Sponsorship Management, etc.

C)       NAANII GLOBAL  online Lifestyle Boutique  'en Vogue'-

(new launch 5.2024, since 2020 under construction - new products+newdata & privacy policy 5.2024, reopening scheduled 2024

D)       NAANII GLOBAL Tech projects - the future Internet - blockchain

* TECH project created 2017  - future Internet - Blockchain  I + D
* waves platform  based CRYPTO   nAAAGlobal (AAAG)  created 11.2017 - > fidelity coin -> utility token -> Invest
* increasing Value since 2017. Performance 8 month until 4.2021: +2700 %   up to 1 AAAG = 86 US$.
* details:

E)         NAANII GLOBAL Family Charity - Foundation - (under construction )


F)         NAANII GLOBAL fotoARTs  Service and Online Boutique





Andalucía, SPAIN - ESPAÑA

NAANII GLOBAL s.l. (GmbH) Niederlassung Berlin

NaaniiGlobal KJA - NG

NewYork / Miami, USA

London, UK

Paris / Saint-Tropez, FRANCE

Hong Kong, CHINA

Tokyo, JAPAN


webs:   + etc.
+ 360º  10* Prime social Media Channels Naanii Global  
(Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook NG Facebook Los Naaniis, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok,  Wikipedia esp, fr, d, engl)

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